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  • Through a single investment portfolio you will be able to use financial products of large institutions such as HSBC, Lloyds, Standard Bank, Deutsche Bank, BNP Paribas and many others, also you will gain access to the most efficient investment funds in the world managed by such companies as Allianz, Black Rock, Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan etc.

All expats or anyone who owns real estate abroad now have the opportunity to invest in the world’s best assets which are usually not accessible by the private clients and to get the tax free income.


Do you have a lump sum sitting in a bank account earning you little or no interest? Have you already invested a lump sum that is not performing to the level you desire? Investing in international accounts is no longer the premise of the rich and famous, all expatriates living abroad can now enjoy flexibility, among other benefits, by investing their money overseas.


Whether you are interested in investing in more traditional asset classes such as equities, bonds and bank deposits, or prefer to diversify into special sectors such as emerging markets, alternative funds, biotechnology or IT, we will be able to suit your needs. You also can choose the currency in which your investment is held. We will gladly assist you whether you want to control the risk of your investment through your choice of funds, or are looking for expertise in global diversification.


If you wish to have access to better performing asset classes, please contact us.

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