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Why do I need financial advice on life insurance?


Life insurance is a very personal product. There’s only one of you. And your cover needs to be tailored to your circumstances, and your budget.


The amount of cover you need, and the types of cover you need, can vary greatly depending on your individual circumstances.


Besides, not all insurance policies are created equal – some have additional, and included, benefits and features.

An adviser can also help you make your insurance more affordable by recommending strategies including:

  • Taking advantage of the tax-effectiveness of insurance

  • Combining your cover with a family member to reduce your premiums

  • Choosing the right combination of benefits and extra options.


By looking at your income, your debts, and your family’s circumstances, a Banner adviser can help you get the right cover – and the right structure – to meet your needs and your budget.


Arranging life assurance cover is the best way to ensure your family is taken care of in the event of your death, giving both you and them peace of mind. Many of us are superstitious about planning for after our death, believing it to be a morbid topic and one that might even hasten the inevitable. But knowing you have a comprehensive life assurance program in place will provide peace of mind for both you and your loved ones.


Life assurance, put simply, is a policy provided by an insurance company that pays your family either a lump sum or a series of smaller sums in the event of your death. Policies vary widely; some may guarantee a payout, others expire after a certain period of time. Some have premiums and payouts set in stone, while others offer more flexibility.


There are many factors to consider when choosing a life assurance policy. What sort of cover do you need? How much cover should you arrange? Do you need basic life assurance or more extensive critical illness cover, and what about tax?

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