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We are a firm that is passionate about our clients and the relationships we have with each of them. Our clients come first…We love helping people. They are our central focus and the driving force behind the Why and the How of our practice. We love the business that we are in – interacting with our clients energizes us. We love sharing similar passions and interests with them and having open, candid, and honest conversation.



Do you have a lump sum sitting in a bank account earning you little or no interest? Have you already invested a lump sum that is not performing to the level you desire? Investing in international accounts is no longer the premise of the rich and famous, all expatriates living abroad can now enjoy flexibility, among other benefits, by investing their money overseas.

Whether you are interested in investing in more traditional asset classes such as equities, binds and bank deposits, or prefer to diversify into special sectors such as emerging markets, alternative funds, biotechnology or IT, we will be able to suit your needs. You also can choose the currency in which your investment is held.



Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Scheme Acorn Partners is the market leader in the field of QROPS pension transfers.

The benefits of booking into a QROPS through Acorn Partners include:

- Consolidation of multiple pensions

- Flexible choice of currency

- Funds fully conferred on to heirs after death (after five full years of non-UK residence)

- Investment flexibility and freedom

- No obligation to buy an annuity

- Possibility to allay UK income tax or death charges of up to 55%

- Safe and well-regulated jurisdictions

- Transparent charges Up to 30% pension initial lump sum



Saving for the future is essential for everybody and whether it is saving for a deposit on a house or investing in your children's future, there are plans bespoke for each individual. International savings plans can provide a wide range of funds to choose from, all of which offer freedom to save in the currency of your choice and offer tax efficiency on interest paid. You can pay towards the plans as much or as little as you wish to, as long as you regularly provide payments. 

No matter what your target is Acorn Partners can help you to achieve (and potentially exceed) your investment goals.



Through Pacific Alliance you will have access to an extensive range of pension wrappers from some of the world’s leading providers – as well as the knowledge and expertise to advise you on the most suitable investment funds within them. Our pension planning services are available across the Asia region and we can help you get the retirement solution that best suits your needs. We can minimize your tax and in some cases reduce it to zero.



There are many reasons why you should consider using offshore financial services, including:

-the security and confidentiality which the premier offshore jurisdictions offer there are

-no exchange control restrictions. This allows you to move assets freely and without formality

- interest on your savings and investment accounts may be paid gross, without deduction of tax at source the

- offshore islands have sophisticated worldwide communication links, facilitating ease of access



Pacific Alliance has been assisting Australian expats consolidate their superannuation and getting their retirement plans heading in the right direction. By consolidating your superannuation into one account you are only paying only one lot of account keeping and administration fees. Most expats have worked in a number of different jobs and positions before they moved overseas and quite often each employer would recommend a different superannuation fund leaving them with their superannuation spread over a number of different super fund providers.



Today, the financial market is increasingly complex and managing your own portfolio will take up a lot of your time and effort. There are situations when you don’t have time or knowledge to explore the best investment alternatives in the market. This is a common problem faced by many wannabe investors like you. At this juncture, portfolio management services can help you get out of this dilemma. So you can simply assign your investments to portfolio management services who will report to you regularly on your portfolio performance. Don’t feel lost in this complex world of investments. Let the experts do their job.



At Pacific Alliance we deal with the largest range of providers than any other firm including local providers and we offer very competitive rates.
Benefits of Insurance with us:

- Plans are globally portable – so you can choose to have treatment wherever you want

- More flexible than local medical insurance

- Premiums are calculated on age and geographical area of coverage, not on claims history

- We can identify the right cover for individuals – or build group schemes for companies

- A range of plans to suit all budgets

- We don’t charge clients for our services: premiums are the same as going direct to the insurance companies

- Acorn Partners is partnered with the best international insurers, but is tied to none, this means we can select the best plan at the best price

- We can arrange several quotes giving you more choice

- We are able to take over your existing cover and re negotiate a better deal for you

- We are able to provide back up support when dealing with claims

- We are able to help with changes to you policy

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